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Tips to keep your kitchen pleasant and organized The kitchen is such a lively part of every home and the head of a kitchen be it a woman or a man always wish to add more new things, replace and upgrade his/her own kitchen accessories. It is believed that kitchen and wash area in every home speaks so much about one’s cleanliness and hygiene. No matter your kitchen is small or big in space but how organized and easy to handle is important. Here are some useful and simple tips to set up a pleasant kitchen.


Make sure everything is in place once used.Wash, dry and store your plates, bowls, spoons etc in the cabinet with even spacing for a better appearance and easy handling. Many of us generally miss putting the knife, peeler and scissors back in the holder which can cause harm while cooking or cleaning in a hurry-burry situation. So put back things immediately after use to get more space and to skip a messier look.


This may sound silly or impossible but try your best to keep your bins odour free. Add naphthalene balls in your bins before inserting a garbage cover. Practice disposing food, vegetable peelings and other moisture contents in the newspaper and avoid dropping them directly into the bins which may stink. MOISTURE FREE KITCHEN See to that there are no water droplets on the floor or on your workstation that leaves your kitchen with an uneven look. So make sure you dry the spilt water with a sponge and also dry your wash sink immediately after use.


As it’s mentioned earlier, size doesn’t matter in proper arrangement of kitchen appliances. Before setting up things make sure you don’t place many on your workstation to have an ample space, which could portray your kitchen a bit bigger in size actually. If there is some space left behind in your cabinet put your hand blender, coffee maker, juicer etc in it when not in use. Do not showcase cooking utensils rather put inside the cupboards.


This is an interesting portion of the process of redesigning your kitchen setup. These days you get more attractive stuff from different countries in many online shopping sites at affordable rates. So, forget straining your body and brain to buy unique collections and shop online.Start decorating the surrounding with quoted floor carpet, antique hourglass, tiny statues, personalized fridge magnets, customized menu boards and some greeneries alongside your window to create a fresh and energetic ambience. 

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John Detter 04-10-2015 23:10
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Hariharan 24-02-2018 08:35
It's really useful to me
Kishor 24-02-2018 08:39
I'm a chef at so, I always want my kitchen to be attractive and clean. I think this one is really helping me to keep the consistency of the prettiness.

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